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Do you charge for trips and items used in school?

The governors want all children to experience a broad and rich curriculum. We ask for a voluntary donation to support the cost of some trips and events and all parents are informed in advance if this is the case. Children receiving Free School Meals have trips subsidised by the school and we frequently subsidise curriculum activities for all children from our funds. Some trips have to be part paid for by parents and this is why the voluntary donation is requested and appreciated.

Do you send home books?

To help the children we do send home reading books and children can also bring home books from the school library. We ask that you take care of the books and agree to take responsibility for school items taken home.

Can I withdraw my child from certain lessons?

We expect all children to participate in all aspects of the curriculum, but parents do have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education and Sex Education (when taught). If you have concerns about the content of these lessons you should discuss this with the Headteacher who will be able to answer any questions you may have. Assemblies are an important part of the school day and we vary the content and organisation across the year. Sometimes the whole school will meet together, sometimes year groups will meet and sometimes a class might lead an assembly and parents of the class are invited to attend. Assemblies reflect our multi-cultural community and are suitable for all children, but if you have concerns about the content of assemblies please discuss this with the Head Teacher.

Does the school attain high standards?

Our school serves a diverse community with children from all backgrounds and with different abilities. As a new school our data for end of Key Stage attainment is limited, but we work very hard to ensure children make expected or better progress over time. YOU CAN VIEW OUR RESULTS FROM 2013 HERE


Does the school set regular homework?

Children do need to learn skills at home and in particular regular support for reading and mathematics does help. Children need to experience other activities outside school so we do have an agreed pattern for expected home learning which the class teacher will explain. Our oldest children in Y6 are set more home learning to prepare them for the transition to secondary school. Please support our home learning policy and encourage your child to complete any tasks set. Increasingly we ask children to complete tasks at home from our Virtual Learning Environment on a computer. If you need assistance to give your child access to a computer please discuss this with the Head Teacher who can suggest ways round the issue. To view our HOME LEARNING POLICY CLICK HERE

What if my child needs extra help?

Teachers and teaching assistants are skilled at planning lessons to meet the needs of different learners. Some children need additional help because they are new to English; some children have a learning difficulty (SEN) and some need a little more time to settle to routines. We will discuss with you how you can help your child if they need a little extra help.

My child seems very bright…

Across the school we will have some very able children who learn quickly and seem to make very quick progress. If your child is very able they will be closely monitored to ensure they receive an extended curriculum to suit them.

How do you keep me informed of my child's progress?

Working in partnership with you is important. We value your support and welcome your feedback. If you need to see the teacher, however, please remember they may be busy so an appointment is required. We have formal parent-teacher consultations in October and March with additional information sent home during the year and a final report published in early July. To view our report format please CLICK HERE

Will my child be safe using the internet?

Children at Jubilee Wood Primary School will frequently use the internet as part of their lessons. Access to the internet is monitored and safe. Our school has a ‘virtual learning environment’ which can be accessed at home by your child. Please encourage your child to use the internet safely at home and monitor the amount of time they are using a computer. We are a National Online Safety School and there are lots of great resources you can access as a parent. Just follow this link and register

What do I do if I have a complaint?

In our experience nearly all issues can be resolved before they reach the level of a complaint. Please discuss your concerns with the teacher or if you prefer with the Assistant Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher. You can access the full complaints policy by clicking here.


Is my child safe in school?

All staff who work in school are checked to ensure they are safe to work with children and we regularly update these checks.

All visitors must report to our reception and 'sign in.'

Staff are trained in how to keep children safe and the Head Teacher and Deputy Headteacher are trained in safeguarding and child protection.