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Year Four

Rabbits, Hares, Mice and Squirrels classes make up the four classes in Year Four. 

Mr O'Brien's Weekly Assembly can be viewed on the home page - https://www.jubileewood.milton-keynes.sch.uk/

Year Three and Four Weekly Assembly

Our assembly for the week beginning 1st June has been recorded by Miss Rose and is themed around the book "Alice in Wonderland".  You can also view the video on YouTube here.

Wednesday 20th May - Here is Mrs Davies assembly for this week.  It is based on a story called "The Cloud and the Rainbow". You can also view the video on YouTube here.

1066 A famous year! We learnt all about the Normans. As part of our topic we visited Warwick Castle for the day!

Our last topic on the human body was fascinating! We learnt all about how our bodies digest and use food! (Burps and all!)

I am Warrier! Our first topic of the year was all about the Romans! We learnt so much about how they lived and about their amazing empire across Europe and North Africa.