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Before and After School Provision at Jubilee Wood 

Breakfast Club

The service runs from 7.35am until 8.30am, with the last drop off without food provision at 8.10am.

Bookings must be made in advance of attendance. Booking is easily made via ParentMail. Go to ‘accounts’ select ‘breakfast club’ and choose what day/s are required. Bookings remain open for a half-term at a time meaning you can book as many sessions as required.

Booking closes 2 days before the day is due, e.g. Monday and Tuesday may show as unavailable, but from Wednesday onwards it will show as bookable - this allows registers to be passed to the staff in order to take a register.

Each session is charged at £2 when booked online. Should your child attend due to non-booking or emergency, the cost is £2.50, which should be paid to the school office on the morning of drop off.


Tea Time Club

Tea-Time Club runs daily from 3.30pm to 5.30pm throughout the school year.    It is based mainly in the infant hall, and this is where parents will collect their children from. 

Before any parent/guardian can sign-up their child for Jubilee Wood’s after-school provision, Tea-Time Club, they must first indicate on Parent Mail using the correct form that they fully understand and agree to the Tea-Time Club Parental Agreement.

The charge per day is £9 for advance bookings, and £10 on-the-day, with a 2pm cut off for this.  There are no concessions for siblings. To book please go to the ‘ACCOUNTS’ section on Parent Mail to book. Select day(s) required and add to basket and check out.

Any children committing to an ordinary club one day a week and attending TTC on that day would be charged £8 for TTC that day. (Please inform the office so the cost can be adjusted accordingly)

.Activities will vary, but will usually include the following: 

  • a physical activity session once a week with the school sports coach (sometimes in the hall, sometimes outside)
  • a computing session where children can enjoy digital activities in our computer suite once a week
  • various arts and craft activities
  • a variety of board games
  • a reading space
  • table football
  • table tennis
  • table air hockey
  • occasionally watching a film/programme on the large screen
  • outdoor play equipment in the summer months

Snacks served at TTC

To keep costs down there will be one set menu, which will be the same each week:





Tomato pasta


Beans on toast






Vegan sausage roll


In addition to the above, there will always be a sandwich option on the day too, cheese in most cases.

Fruit will also be on offer each day.

Just as at lunchtime, water will be offered as a drink.

The TTC would like to make it clear that the ‘snack’ is very much a ‘snack’ and that that is one of the main reasons why the cost is about £3 cheaper than most other schools.  Many families may decide to give their child something additional when they arrive home.

The school is already aware of any allergies or dietary needs of the children, and these will be taken into account when serving food.

Contacting TTC staff after 3.30pm

Calls should come through via the TTC mobile phone if parents urgently need to speak to a member of the TTC team, not through the office.  The mobile number for TTC is: 07500 560706.  Lesley Little manages TTC, and it will generally be Mrs Little that answers.


Parents will go through the gate at the main office entrance of the school and wait outside the infant hall where they will be seen by the TTC staff.  If a parent arrives quite early in the evening and the hall is empty, they should call the TTC mobile phone to alert staff that their child is going home and should be brought to the infant hall for collection. 

Parents/carers must ensure that they are always picking up their child before 5.30pm.  Staff are cleaning up beyond this time and supervision is not possible in these circumstances.  It is crucial that children attending Tea-Time Club are collected by 5.30pm and should they not be, the following fines will be due within one week of the fine being issued:


Period of time late after 5.30pm


5.35pm – 5.45pm

£10 per child

5.46pm – 6.00pm

£15 per child

Every 10 minutes past 6.01pm

In addition to the £15 above per child, £5 per each additional 10 minutes late.


Where a parent/guardian falls into arrears with payment for Tea-Time Club, the school reserves the right to suspend their child’s attendance at TTC until the arrears are cleared.

Behaviour Expectations of Children

Children will be expected to behave well when attending TTC.  They will be expected to be polite and respectful both to other children and to members of staff.   They will be expected to follow instructions and to respond quickly when requested to do something by a member of staff.

The children will be expected to follow the rules/guidance of the Jubilee Jigsaw that they are all familiar with from the normal school day.  Expectations of behaviour will therefore be as high as they are during the normal school day.

No bullying or name-calling will be accepted at TTC.

Children will be expected to look after Tea-Time Club and school equipment, and to leave the equipment/resources in as good a condition as they found it.

Should a child not adhere to the expectations above to a significant and consistent degree, they will receive up to two reminders and the parents of the child will be informed on the occasion of each reminder.  After the first two reminders on separate days, on the 3rd occasion that the child does not adhere to the expectations above, the child will not be able to attend Tea-Time Club for a fixed period of time, and depending on the severity of the misbehaviour, may not be able to attend again at all.  If this should be the case, parents will be informed immediately.


The school has a duty to safeguard its children and the same procedures that are in place during the school day will be in place during TTC.