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Complaints Policy


We want to hear from you

 We want all pupils and their families to be happy with the education they receive at our school and our staff try to do their best for everybody.

 We welcome feedback from you, and your comments – either positive or negative – are helpful for future planning and improvement.

 Letters, regular reports, parents’ evenings and open mornings/evenings help to keep you up to date with what is happening and how your child is getting on at school. 

 However, you may want to talk to us about a particular aspect of the school that you are worried about or you may be unhappy about the way in which a member of staff has dealt with your child. Usually, we can deal with any problems informally, but unfortunately, this is not always possible and you may wish to make a complaint.

 Whatever the issue, please come and talk to us so that we can sort it out.

 Our promise to you

  • your concern will be dealt with honestly, politely and in confidence
  • your concern will be looked at thoroughly and fairly
  • we will keep you up to date with progress at each stage of the process
  • you will receive an apology if we have made a mistake
  • you will be told what we are going to do to put matters right

 How to make a complaint

 We have adopted a formal procedure for dealing with complaints, a copy of the policy and procedures can be obtained from the school.  We hope you never need to use it but our process has three stages:

 Stage 1 – Informal

 If you have a concern about anything we do you can tell us by telephone, in person or in writing (letter or email).

 We hope that most complaints can be settled quickly and informally either by putting matters right or by giving you an explanation.  If there is something you are not happy about, or you don’t understand why we are doing something in a particular way, please come in and discuss it with the teacher or another appropriate member of staff.

 If the first person you talk to cannot help, then speak to a senior member of staff or the headteacher.  The school will usually reply to you within a day or so, but always within seven days. 

 We should be able to sort out your concerns, but if this is not possible, you can take your complaint to the next stage.

Stage 2 – Formal

 If you are not satisfied with the outcome of Stage 1, you can complain formally to the headteacher by letter. The headteacher will arrange to investigate your complaint and may invite you to the school to discuss the issue.  When  your complaint has been fully investigated, the headteacher will respond to you in writing, normally within fourteen days of receipt of the form.

Complaints relating to the Headteacher

 If your complaint relates to the headteacher and is not resolved at the informal stage, you may write to the chair of governors outlining your complaint.   The chair of governors will arrange to investigate the matter which will normally involve meeting with you to give you the opportunity to present your concerns and evidence verbally.   The chair of governors will complete an  investigation, within twenty one days of receipt of the formal complaint, and will inform you of the outcome in writing.

To read a full copy of the Complaints Policy adopted by The Grand Union Partnership Multi Academy Trust and our school please click here.