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Jubilee Wood Primary School

Caring, Developing and Learning Together


School Governance  

Overview of Governance 

Jubilee Wood Primary School is part of the Grand Union Partnership Multi Academy Trust. Each school within the Trust has its own Local Academy Committee with a constitution of 10 Governors which includes two parent governors, one staff governor and the Headteacher.

Effective Governance at any level in a Multi Academy Trust should have a focus on:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

The Local Academy Committee has a strategic role to provide support and challenge to the operational management of the school by the Headteacher and represents the interests of the local community.  

Governors at Jubilee Wood meet twice a term and use these meetings to oversee and monitor school improvement and financial health and providing constructive challenge to school leaders. Governors visit the school regularly to monitor school improvement and the progress that the school is making and to gain assurance that the school is fulfilling its key statutory duties.

Since the school is part of the Grand Union Partnership Multi Academy Trust, governor responsibilities are delegated to them by the Trust Board. Please use the link below to see the Scheme of Delegation the trust adopts:

Grand Union Partnership Multi Academy Trust Governance

All Trustee and Governor roles are voluntary, and we are very grateful for the significant commitment that all of the people involved make at every level of governance across the trust.

If you would like to find out more about any of these roles, we would be delighted to talk with you, please contact Matt O'Brien in the first instance.

Statutory information

Local Academy Committee meeting attendance registers

Local Academy Committee Diversity Data Evaluation 2024

Jubilee Wood governors and their roles and terms of office are shown below:


Emma Collicott

Trust Governor

05/03/2024 – 04/03/2028

Emma is currently a Year 4 teacher at New Bradwell School, having completed a PGCE and her ECT training following a career change. She has a degree in Product Design, Innovation and Marketing and previously worked at IBM and Fujitsu, where she worked on several accounts and projects and lead different teams. Emma has worked with large budgets, devised marketing plans and strategies, managed huge-scale events, coordinated teams of people, provided support and worked collaboratively.

Passionate about supporting and nurturing children, Emma was fortunate to combine this with her love of STEM, and in her career be involved in many events looking at the future of women in IT, Science and Engineering. This enabled her to work on major campaigns aimed at girls aged 7-15 to promote careers in these areas where she ran events such as sleepovers at the Science Museum in London and weekend camps. Emma’s variety of experience and skills are ideally suited to the role of governor at Jubilee Wood.

Tracey Matthews


01/09/2021 – 31/08/2025

Tracey has two grown-up children, speaks four languages and enjoys cooking and spending time with her horse. She has held senior leadership positions in two Further Education Colleges, the latter being Milton Keynes College for seven years, with her focus being on employer engagement and apprenticeships. Tracey has a proven track record of turning around poorly performing provision and has been the Apprenticeship Ofsted lead during this time. Tracey enjoyed a fantastic primary education which she believes prepared her for her next steps, while her experiences with her own children’s education showed her how a negative experience can impact not only the young people, but their families too.

While working with MK College, Tracey was able to see the challenges of poverty, deprivation and low aspiration faced by those working in education and how important it is to have a positive impact the lives of the children they work with. Tracey brings a wealth of experience in leadership and quality improvement to Jubilee Wood School.

Aldo Pitisci

Trust Governor

19/05/2022 – 18/05/2026

Originally from Glasgow, Aldo lives in Bletchley for and has worked in London for approximately 20 years. Aldo has two children in their twenties and is a keen traveller, with an interests in cooking, history, art and learning about other cultures.

Aldo works in Corporate Banking, having spent some time with the Financial Conduct Authority, and has focussed on internal audit as well as operational risk and compliance. Aldo’s experience includes negotiation, interpreting differences in protocols, gap analysis and all aspects of business operations, which he believes are of great benefit to the role of Governor. Aldo is a great believer in primary education forming a sold foundation for children’s future endeavours and is therefore of fundamental importance for all.

Ben Erdeaw

Trust Governor

01/01/2023 – 31/12/2026

Ben is currently serving as the lead pastor for the Church of Pentecost Milton Keynes in Linford Wood East after being posted from the Church in Southampton to Milton Keynes in August 2021. Ben provides pastoral care through teaching and preaching the word of God. As part of the church's commitment to impact the community, they look forward to opportunities to partner and offer any form of support that may be required to collectively make the community a better place for all. Before coming to full time ministry Ben worked with Autogem Invicta for 12yrs as Production and Logistic manager where he was in charge of production, planning, inventory management and training of staff to ensure excellent returns for the company and customer satisfaction.

Ben is very task oriented and is able to motivate people and is always open to new challenges. Ben’s greatest joy is to see his teams achieve things together and looks forward to bringing this to the Jubilee Wood team. He believes everyone has been gifted in different ways and hence the need to harness each other’s potentials and abilities for the common good.

Carole Wilson-Frizzell

Trust Governor

16/03/2023 – 15/03/2027

Carole has an interest in quality education for all learners, but her passion and drive is for inclusion and SEND. Her main driver is to ensure every student has equal access to the whole curriculum, aspirational outcomes and perhaps , most importantly an enjoyable experience of their time spent in school/education at any age.

Carole’s ethos is to celebrate difference as strengths. She is currently Director of a special needs college, and she has a wide range of both teaching and management experience with SEND and high needs funded learners in further education provisions, which has led her to realise that the journey for these young people starts in their early years of education and it essential to get this right. Carole therefore became a SEN Governor for a local primary school in my area, which opened her eyes to the complexity of supporting these children who are at the start of identifying their needs and abilities.

Carole has a background supporting a wide range of neuro diverse needs and abilities, an understanding of EHCPs and meeting outcomes and is currently safeguarding lead and has responsibility for curriculum development in her current full time role.

David Wells

Parent Governor

17/04/2023 – 16/04/2027

David has a daughter in Year 4. He is the Chief Executive of a scientific charity that trains and educates medical scientists in the UK and around the world and has many years of experience in senior roles within the NHS. One of his passions is STEM education, and he strongly believes that all children should have access to high-quality science, technology, engineering, and maths education. David is committed to working with the school to ensure that the children receive the best possible education in these areas.

He also has a good knowledge of public funding, and is experienced at working with government bodies, politicians and ministers which means he can help ensure that the school receives and makes best use of the funding and resources it receives.

David is committed to working closely with the school leadership team to support the school in achieving its goals.

Jackie Hinchliffe

Staff Governor

10/11/2021 – 09/11/2025


Mohamed Mushahith Mohamed Jalaldeen

Parent Governor

01/11/2021 – 31/10/2025


Matt O’Brien




Roger Owen

Vice Chair & Trust Governor

25/04/2022 – 24/04/2026

Roger has lived in Milton Keynes for nearly forty years. His three children all attended local schools and two of his grandchildren live in Wolverton and also go to local schools.

Roger is now retired, but for the majority of his working life he had a career in secondary education teaching mostly Chemistry and Physics. Since retiring he has also served on the Governing Body of a Federation of two Milton Keynes primary schools.

Roger is familiar with the duties and responsibilities associated with school governorship and is aware of the numerous expectations placed on teachers and support staff. However, despite the many and various challenges involved in delivering a curriculum that is subject to frequent, and at times speculative, changes, Roger is aware that it is the welfare, wellbeing and development of the children that must be the prime consideration in all aspects of each pupil’s experience of school – including those affected directly or indirectly by actions or decisions taken by the Governing Body.

Sam Mills

Trust Governor

16/03/2023 – 15/03/2027

Sam was born and raised in Milton Keynes and attended Two Mile Ash and Walton High. Unfortunately Sam’s experience in the education system was not a positive one, which resulted in him leaving education early. However, at the age of 18, he was given the opportunity to work in an administration role for the Foreign Office, which gave him a renewed sense of self-worth which soon turned into what was to become the start of a very successful career. Sam moved into a technology consulting role at Hewlett Packard, and worked in various roles in international banks, telecoms and finally where he is now a Global Manager for a Financial and Professional Services organisation.

During this time, Sam gained various qualifications, including a CIPD, and his experience has him me to do a lot of work in the Social Impact, Social Mobility and ESG space, most recently leading a stream of work for a government commissioned taskforce to improve social mobility. Sam strongly believes there should be more support for this as generations are being lost with the rich-poor divide increasing each day.

Sam welcomes any opportunity to contribute to a better society for young people, including his own son, to grow up in.