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Sports Premium


Our school received £20,750 in 2018 2019 for Sports Premium from central government. This grant is intended to promote PE and Sports and help us encourage and develop healthy lifestyle choices for our pupils. We are totally committed to using the Sports Premium to improve the quality of teaching of PE and Sports and improve outcomes.

We spent the money as follows:

  • Help towards the cost of our specialist PE teacher who works across KS2 and runs after school clubs; he also supports training for all teachers to improve the quality of sporting provision and PE lessons: £12,500
  • Payment to the Milton Keynes Sports Partnership to support staff training and facilitate access to inter-school competitions across a range of sports and team games: £1,750
  • The cost of creating our unique Health and Fitness Award which provides a structure for children to have regular exercise, learn about healthy lifestyle choices and develop a skill in a chosen sport: £1000
  • Subsidies towards the costs of specialist before and after school clubs and sports teams:£3000
  • Specialist PE equipment and lunchtime games equipment :£2500

As a result of the grant we have improved access to sporting events taking part in a range of competitions including athletics, tag rugby and football. We are pleased that our more able and talented older children who are good at sports have the opportunity to become PE Leaders. They organise their own games and activities for children at lunchtimes and support our Healthy School Award.

School Clubs with a sports focus are popular and fully booked each term. Participation in clubs has increased by year on year since 2017. We run a range of clubs which are a mixture of paid clubs run by coaches we contract and free clubs run just by the school.

Our specialist teacher has made a significant impact on standards this year and he teaches 50% of KS2 PE lessons monitoring the remaining 50% taught by class teachers. He has developed an assessment grid which allows us to track the progress of children against key skills and attributes in PE.

The school currently is unable to access a suitable swimming pool timeslot so we do not teach swimming; however it is worth noting that the amount of time on physical activity has actually increased for Year Six who previously went swimming.

Our Health and Fitness Award has been operating for two years and the activities have been popular. By summer 2020 we expect over 50 children to have been given the award. To gain the award children have to undertake physical activity tasks which are assessed and checked; they have to show they have learnt a new sport and they have to give a presentation on a healthy topic of their choice to the Headteacher.

In 2019 we introduced the Daily Mile and had a track laid out around the school for children to follow. Class teacher use the Daily Mile to add a pause to the school day and give children a chance to complete the course with a mixture od running and walking. In October 2019 we will have upgraded the Daily Mile course and added in fun actions to be completed as well as a short, safe climbing wall. In addition to the Daily Mile the school has a large Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) available for PE lessons, after school clubs and lunchtime games. It has a 5 a side football pitch and basketball pitch included.

Our infant children have plenty of physical and social activities on offer during lunchtime play. By October 2019 we will have introduced a fun climbing ‘ship’ with slide for our younger children to play on.

Future Plans:

The school plans to increase the amount of physical climbing apparatus available for children to use.