Jubilee Wood Primary School

Caring, Developing and Learning Together

01908 257810


Fishermead Boulevard, Milton Keynes,
Buckinghamshire, MK6 2LB

A selection of of our key policies can read below.  Paper copies of all of our policies and guidelines can be made available on request.

 Behaviour Guidelines - JW.docxDownload
 Behaviour Guidelines Covid-19 Addendum - JW - April 20.docxDownload
 Charges, voluntary contributions, remissions & refunds policy - JW - Jun 20.docDownload
 Complaints Policy - JW - Jun 20.docDownload
 Early Years Foundation Stage Policy - JW.docxDownload
 Equalities Policy - JW.docDownload
 Equality Objectives - JW.docxDownload
 Health & Safety Policy - JW.docxDownload
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